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ES 8-20-08

ES is as I type down 50cent, they were up about 6 bucks in the overnight. I would have perferred a gap up since we've been down 50.75 points since the 1313.5 high on 8/11. I think this is going to add volitilty to the early morning trading.
1261 LOD so far is a square of nine number.
How are square of 9 #'s significant to the s&p?
They act as support if the ES is heading down and resistance if there heading up.
I had 60.50 marked; by the time I confirmed you were gone
I should add I confirmed that area by sq -.146 off the open hi = 1260
selling 1268.00,2 point stop.
stopped and selling one more time.
Ok, filled at 1271.75 4 point stop,this time two es. hope to lower my risk soon!
If Thurs - friday where the "p" profile and Mon-Tuesday where the "b" then good chance they will go fill in the middle....

They also broke the MOn- tuesday range low....BUT and thats'a big happens when they break a 60 minute high or low and it doesn't attract the big folks......Mon - tuesday range is no different to longer term folks....
licking my wounds!try again soon.
Originally posted by Printer

Here is a web site that has the square of nime numbers for popular futures contracts

Thanks Printer
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