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Well, here we are gang, about aweek and a half from the expected cycle low i had commented about weeks ago. I must admit,this weekend my study of the charts looked to be short term bullish and i keep getting two projections over and over. 1226 and 1243. I really thought we would head there for a test of the 200 day average which would be an expected, and normal, bear market event. Is this the expected retest or a pause before the objectives are achieved? Time will tell.One thing is certain... this is going to be an interesting month! (ps.. sold 2 es at 1271.00 for a short term scalp) down 4 handles from a trade last nite.
(have to leave for a bit... covering at 1266.50 hopefully)
ok, up 10.25 with that scalp... wish icould have held for 1265...c ya soon
Long @ 67.25 looks good, markets are short term oversold.
I was wrong this A.M.I thought we were running up from 10:30, but those pivots got in the way lol... but that 64ish area is proving still a strong foundation thus far....still targeting 91, thats about 24 points. I just don't see this 64 area breaking anytime soon, but if it does I know where the revers button is.
buying 2 @ 1268.25, 2 point stop
missed by one tick...again! order cancelled for now
buying 2 @1269.00
wow! raising stop to 1269.00
covering at 1275.50.(i hope!)
what the heck was that?
nm, was the beige book...
note to self - review economic calendars more thoroughly
i just gave up today's gains by shorting at 2:01 est

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