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Well, here we are gang, about aweek and a half from the expected cycle low i had commented about weeks ago. I must admit,this weekend my study of the charts looked to be short term bullish and i keep getting two projections over and over. 1226 and 1243. I really thought we would head there for a test of the 200 day average which would be an expected, and normal, bear market event. Is this the expected retest or a pause before the objectives are achieved? Time will tell.One thing is certain... this is going to be an interesting month! (ps.. sold 2 es at 1271.00 for a short term scalp) down 4 handles from a trade last nite.
Not sure , ihad my order in after we hit 1268.75,but as i was typing for this post at 2:01 we rebounded and slammed back down to 1268.50. Some kind of shakeout ill wager.
stopped at no
usually the beige book doesn't move the market that much, right?
ill now try selling one at 1270.50, 2 point stop
oh it definitly can, depends on peoples expectations. order cancelled
selling 2 here
filled at 1271.50, 3 point stop
covering one at 1270.50
bailing remaining at 1269.50. good day all. up 13 handles and done for today.
there it is ...c ya tomorrow

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