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Stopped out breakeven on a short from 1274.50, so i tried again at 1278.00. covered at 1277.00.Had to cover because my charts went down! Unfortunately, this trade was only 2 es so im still starting the week down 13!...sheesh
bada bing...
I sold into 80.75...and now will
buying one at 1276.50, nervous
Morning folks, I've never been around for a gap up like this, is there anything special you guys are looking for in today's action? I kind of feel like with the bailout news that the rules are out the window for the day.
Imlooking for continued strength into tommorow, then a declining trend into fri.But who knows? GREAT scalp, Bruce. Iwas trying for 1281.50 but missed it.
covered at 1276.00, for a half handle loss... ill watch the open here.
selling 1271.75 2.5stop
short 2 @1271.75,covering...
filled 1267.50.. now up on the day!
covering all but 3 at 66.75...trying for that 55 number (55- 51 zone)....and we have that old 61 - 64 to try and get through first

crazy town is open for business....
Originally posted by BruceM

I sold into 80.75...and now will

Lost some on that one, I figured on a late day rally. I should have reversed
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