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Stopped out breakeven on a short from 1274.50, so i tried again at 1278.00. covered at 1277.00.Had to cover because my charts went down! Unfortunately, this trade was only 2 es so im still starting the week down 13!...sheesh
order to buy (one only) @1263.25 4 point stop
I am avg short @ 77. Is this starting to be a pattern, gap way higher on Monday and sell off?
rules for me are the same.....will price be traded back into value or will value be brought up to price?

OK I lied...with this kind of gap we can have lower trading but still register higher value on the day.....sorry I can't be more clear pop.....

I personally don't like trading in the gap direction and we have spent very little time above the open so we may just tank today from up here...

Originally posted by popstocks

Morning folks, I've never been around for a gap up like this, is there anything special you guys are looking for in today's action? I kind of feel like with the bailout news that the rules are out the window for the day.

one last thing POP...we have been unable to sustain price above the one minute high volume that isn't capitulation on the downside...71 - 73 holds the key for any upside to overcome...lots of numbers in the 50's today
Covering @ 64.5, was targeting 55.5 but I don't want to give none back to this crazy market. +12.5
out at 1268.25..5 .0 gain... up 6.25 on the day.INCREDIBLE...(PS Great trade Bruce)
5 min. and 15 min. projections satisfied at 1263.Hourly projects lower,however to around 1256
Note to bulls... Nasdaq is lagging badly today
probably once too often but im selling 1272.75
Lost some on that one, I figured on a late day rally. I should have reversed
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