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Well, here we are exactly where we are supposed to be. As per my posts the last several weeks i expected a panic low around the 15th, 1210-1211 or the other number i gave 1177. im long 2 es at 1177 and holding over nite. The news all day was horrible , even scary. the vix got over 30, and my downside number has been achieved. I went 100% my 401k at the close today.Is this a significant bottom? ALLthe pieces seem in place, but a rate cut by the fed would help. Time will tell.
covering.. have to leave for a while...1289.75 1.75handles ea. up 21.50 .CYA this afternoon!
out on 4 at 76 points on this campaign...have two left to try and get to the 1210.....otherwise I'll be watching that 82 number again.....for me this was about a minus 1400 closing tick, high volume and a close on the lows...I was prepared to add at minus 12.50 points below the 69 number if it happened.....

Trowing popstocks 90 % down day in is a nice filter and addition to this type of trade....

High volume sits at the 80 - 83 area so that will be critical I think...
good luck with the rest of today....
one more off at 1200.50....gonna either be that 1210 or 88 will take that last runner
longone at 1295.50 stop and reverse at 1292.75
ugh filled at 1278.50....short one.selling 3 at 1292.25
Man, did i come back at the wrong time! SHOULD HAVE DONE MY HOMEWORK FIRST.
SELLING [email protected],2 MORE AT 1291.00
Hi Kool,

I saw in one of the daytrading threads that you may reveal exactly how you trade soon. I think that would be real "cool". To be honest I can't follow your day trades because of two things:

1)They are fairly quick
2)I'm usually in a trade or about to initiate

I follow all the longer term calls.....well done!!!

It would be great if you would post some charts and your ideas in a seperate thread so we could look over them when we all have free time...there are many here who have real jobs and don't go back to read our threads here but research ideas found in the main threads. That's why I am usually but not always trying to post some concept.

I certainly understand if you want to keep your stuff to yourself but you never know when someone will stumble upon an idea that improves upon yours. I've found this to be true as there are some great minds who read this forum but don't always post publicly. I respect your decision either way.

Of course there is the "danger" in revealing how one trades but the emini is a huge markets and many people find ways to mess ideas up anyway.

Ok,,nuff said on that...I find it interesting that yesterday the S&P broke it's July lows but not the Dow or other charts ( I'll post in Williams thread later) are no where near the july lows...

This means one of two things to me......

1) we need more issues to sell off to put in a better bottom or
2) Only select issues are selling off and the divergence will begin the rally

This makes sense but gets me no closer to calling a true bottom....

Take care

Hit 1217 exactly as it should have, gotta go 2 work, see ya manana!
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