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ES 09-18-08

Here's to another great session.
long one..1165.75,3.5 stop at 1162.25
Ill exit around 1173.50
buying one more at 1162.75
darn, stopped at 1160.75..up only one on the day
last try..long 2 @1158.50, 4 point stop
Originally posted by koolblue

last try..long 2 @1158.50, 4 point stop

Your determination is amazing!
100% IB extension is 53.0. The latest sell off coincides with a rush out of trust bank stocks like State Street that allegedly are having to buy in their own commercial paper to prop up their money market funds to keep them from breaking a $ like what happened to Reserve.
exiting here
out at 1162.50...up 9 handles today.Yes ,pop the reason is because ifinally got all my charts into oversol territory and my mov. avg envelope was surpassed(rare) so even when i was stopped out, i had to buy it a little lower.
As you can see thats a very powerful combination!
stopped of course...up 8.5 handles today.. thats it for me. A move above 1205 confirms the 45 cycle low is in and you know the rest of my opinion for the near term... c ya tonite gang!