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ES 09-18-08

Here's to another great session.
exiting 1159.00
plus 10 handles on the day. I bailed early because my 5 min. chart not yet oversold enough.
should carry to 1172 area,selling there
wow talk about a reversal,,,,,
ugh, short [email protected] 1172.50
bailing again,(missed my stop by one tick!)
out 1170.50,this thing should go to poc, then even 1186.Ihave projections today all the way to 1190 area
Originally posted by koolblue

out 1170.50,this thing should go to poc, then even 1186.

yeah this one goes down in my book as most insane reversal i've seen
It should be noted that the vix shot up over 40! Last time that occurred was the bear market bottom 2002.(I must admit iwas looking for the fib cluster around 1124 tho. Remember i said we would decline into fri. Maybe well see it tomorrow.
On the shorter term, 15 min. not yet overbought. 5 min. working off its overbought. Leads me to believe one more good push up after this consolidation.
stopped of course...up 8.5 handles today.. thats it for me. A move above 1205 confirms the 45 cycle low is in and you know the rest of my opinion for the near term... c ya tonite gang!