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GLOBEX 09-26-08

Hey gang, gotta sleep so im putting my order oco to buy one at 1187.50, stop at 1183.50 and exit at 1191.00. See ya on the es thread tomorrow!
buying one
long one at 1192.50
preparing to exit around 1194.00
out at 1194.00 1.5 for the day...
buying here
long one 1190.25, 2 point stop
stopped... minus2 handles...down half a handle
good morning kool, I'm still short from 1212 out half at 91 sq of nine, targeting 1174. The markets are a mess...There's a bullish divergence going on in the ES on the 30min, I don't feel like buying though I wonder if thats the best move.

I wonder if the markets are going to fade at the open or head down all day?
Idont think they head down all day. We are very close now to the 1172-77 resistance which would likely hold, at least today. Besides, i believe congress will at least signal to the markets that a deal will get done soon.Despite the negative action due to wamu, and dissapointment over republicans holding up a deal, my outlook hasnt changed longer term.Im not even sure that well get to the support i mentioned today.
theres the 9:22 peak,tried to sell 1195.50, no luck. Switching to the es thread.
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