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GLOBEX 09-26-08

Hey gang, gotta sleep so im putting my order oco to buy one at 1187.50, stop at 1183.50 and exit at 1191.00. See ya on the es thread tomorrow!
best guess u have 1.5 to 2 hours downside pressure before any strong rebound
long one at 1192.50,2.5 stop
Even if the housing turned around yesterday and started to go up what of inflation? My out look hasn't changed either i.e. a test of 02 lows in the longest term.
looking for a retest of 1195.75 mini peak...9:18-9:24
wow, out at 1195.50.. good scalp.. plus 3.. plus 2.5 going in to the rth
Well,we are most certainly in a bear market ,no doubt about that, Joe! I think there is a fair chance of it ending early 09 tho . Then up into 2011-12,where we start the real bear carrying into 2016 or so ending the secular bear which started at the 2000 top. (17 years is the avg. for a secular bear).
theres the 9:22 peak,tried to sell 1195.50, no luck. Switching to the es thread.
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