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ES 9-30-08

I just covered all of these in the overnight at 1253.50...I'll consider this a "gift" and a failed campaign because of the high risk and overnight exposure.......thanks again for the support and encouragement......

one thing that many aspiring traders don't always factor in is TIME.......OUR personal time...

I've got two kids and one on the's 4:21 in the morning on the east coast and I am UP managing this trade......I'm 47 years old and I need to I'm happy to exit the trade it's just not worth the wear and tear on ones personal life at times....

You folks with the options had the right idea.....

Originally posted by BruceM

I went in at 27.25...three.....avergae price on this campaign is 1148...whew...that's a mess...targeting 62.50.....but when...?

Way to go , pal! Get some rest.
Glad to hear you cleared out of your position Bruce with little carnage, other than you lack of sleep. I've been there before, not fun.
ES up 23....yeah thats it, run baby run!
selling one here
short one at 1147.75,3 point stop. up 2.75 from globex. looking for 5 min proj. 1141.25 area but will cover much earlier of course.
covering around the avg.(i hope) ....(avg. at 1142.75)
Hey Kool,

Trying to see if I'm getting this. Was there a buy at 9:55 at 1132.25?
covered .5 ...up 3 for the day
selling again...order at 1149.25
Kel, answer is on the Pops video thread.(ps; remember not necessarily THE downside of any given cycle or movement but a possible support point where a bounce of some kind might be expected)
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