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Globex 10-10-08

WELL, here we go again! looking to buy a few calls at 889 or lower tomorrow. But for any one following , you better have a real nimble finger on the exit button, just in case!
Was there any news to accompany that drop?
not that I know of or can find.
It looks like it was the Nikkei opening down 8%. ATM it's down nearly 11% after 7 minutes.
k thks culsu...just reading about it now.
now if only we had a way to buy call options in the overnight.....perhaps we could trade this stuff and still get some sleep....S&P down over 15 points...doesn't seem like much...
i'd really hate to be stuck short when this thing makes a move higher
Bruce it was the drop that looked like a bomb dropped 20 handles in 2 minutes looked like a fed day trade
885 was a sq nine. Held pretty well, but clearly not well enough. Now we've found support in the arms of S1.

Do you think tomorrow's the day for the fabled 600 point rally?
ES has unfilled gap on the 20:22 bar @ 897.50
selling 886.00. one only
I'll add some more when we break that 900, IF we break it