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Globex 10-10-08

WELL, here we go again! looking to buy a few calls at 889 or lower tomorrow. But for any one following , you better have a real nimble finger on the exit button, just in case!
921 - 926 is key area from Thursday...just for reference
Good start Bruce!
lets hope so and thanks for those explainations on your charts yesterday....I failed to comment on them after your thanks again for taking the time with those
I bailed last night -34 loser, I have made the most point wise and lost the most point wise per contract basis this week. Even if those calls go to .05 this week will still be up and I am up for the month which is what matters....what gets me is I have been usually good at chasing these extrema moves and making a nice yearly bounce trade that really beefs the account up, I completely missed this last run from 1100-862 and that erks me more than losing. I'll always get it back, been trading for 10 years and have never not got it back. I came into the last thrust highly stressed from some great trading since jan, and personal issues...I should take a vacation
+ 19 points on a 30 sec short DOW 7900
catastophic loss hit at minus 15 points per contract....not a great way to start the day////trying again from the 41's
Originally posted by BruceM

catastophic loss hit at minus 15 points per contract....not a great way to start the day////trying again from the 41's

I am not looking at those calls, just glad there NOV's but thats a major loss for me...Mondays a holiday I wonder whats going to happen? I hope they don't close the market because of down days, they did that in the 40's and hurt the market bad afterwards, and in 9/11 it IMHO makes low investor confidence even more weak
What do the 'rules' say about a VIX of 70? It looks like it's never been that high in the history of the index.
I lied added some calls
I am long ES at the highs 895, starting small....
I'll add some more when we break that 900, IF we break it
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