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Globex 10-13-08

Still looking for a low of some sort around Tues -Wed. Now i see that 'wacko' Cramer is starting to say the same thing. That makes me nervous but ill stick with my opinion ,for now.
need to break this 926 level soon or im bailing at a loss
first stop 925, then 923.50
covering 924 area
out at 924.50.. 1.75 handles twice.. up 2 on the session
now 926.25-926.50 should act as resistance
bingo! 923.50!... going to watch the game ,plenty of time to make money tomorrow! see ya in the am!
theres a gap at 19.50..!!!.I'll be damned if they don't try to clean that up...I need that....I want to tighten stops and wake up at 3 a.m to adjust if not stopped...
finally got it..gheesh.....had 4 working but now only two...problem with getting the longer term move is that there is also a gap up at the 27.50 these runners will take some next target is the 910.50...just above overnight low..but a retest of 29 even will take the runners out.....I'm getting some rest!! Until 3 a.m. est...
selling here(just woke up) price proj. on this uprush was just hit at 943. order to sell 941.00
short [email protected] 941.00 3 point stop.
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