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GLOBEX 10 -14-08

wish i did a stop and reverse off that little triangle...sigh
I wonder whats the next bubble? Energy, maybe even Green Energy? I am willing to bet its one of those two, I ought to go buy some leap calls as soon as it shows.
You know whats sad kool? I sold my calls for .70 cent and I was going to hold them to the close if I did I would have had over 100% and who knows how much by the A.M. One thing to keep in mind if that was a bottom friday, we will run like this for 3-5 full days like 98, and 02.
i read an article recently that said the next shoe to drop is hedge funds.. out flows continue to rise and they're getting killed on the whole!
YEAH, MAYBE ...ill be real cautious around 1100 tho, just in case!
hedge funds huh, I wonder how you could make money off of that...
Originally posted by koolblue

YEAH, MAYBE ...ill be real cautious around 1100 tho, just in case!

Yeah thats the number that keeps poping up on me too. What I would like to see is th market close above that number on the week and that would put it above last weeks high amazing. Were up 11% on the week and the weekly IB's not even in place.
As you may know , i favor the theory that we're in a secular bear that started in 2000 and will likely last till 2014-2017. i think all the low interest rates now and all the trillions being thrown around will start a cycle of hyperinflation sometime around 2011-12, then the real fun starts!
Similar to late 60s to mid 70s where we had several bull and bear markets but ended up going nowhere for 8 years!
all we did is recover what we lost since wed! (so far)... Incredible times!
thats a good idea....
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