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ES -10-14-08

Well, my long awaited initial target at 1060, has been achieved(and exceeded). Im expecting higher prices,but mind ful of the closing ticks on the nyse yesterday!
4 point stop...
sigh up 2.5, one more try coming here
selling 1008.50
too slow, no fill, raising to 1010.00, 5 point stop
naw, i give up... order cancelled.. watching
anyone no a solid software that one can paper trade for an extended period of time
What a wild ,wild day....still a great amt. of uncertainty in this market. Tonites globex should be exciting!
koolblue ... try Ninja Trader I believe that you can then access a free data feed so can you can trade in a simulated mode for an extended period of time
All in all, im ashamed of my trading today.. it goes in the books as a winning day, but late in the day my trades were just plain foolish! At one point i was risking a grand just to get back to even!(an act of desperation?). Need to pull in the reins and get back to basics!
do u know what r the trading timings for es future?


i know it closes @ 4.15 PM. when does it reopens?

4:30 p.m.
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