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ES oct 14 targets

UP: 1064,1085,1104

Down: 1040,1025,1004
My mistake that was you PIPS not VOODOO in January boasting you were going top make millions working for a hedge fund that might be lucky enough to hire you. Same bragging back then with members asking you to post your trades which you never did. Make all the insults you want to other members but until you are willing to post trades in advance your insults and boasting is meaningless.
I have been closely observing pips2007's ES numbers over the past few days and must admit that they do hit at awesome regularity.

Those of you who have been trying to mud sling pips2007, you may want to stop doing that. Like most of us who have been trying to come up with our own trading strategy, I am sure he has spent a great deal of time to develop his strategy that seems to work quite well for him. If he doesn't feel like sharing his logic, it's his choice.

Whether he brags about how successful his trades are or not, it is entirely up to him. If he offers any clues on this forum about his strategy, we all have a choice, i.e., to take it or leave it.

BTW, these are just my own thoughts and no offense is meant to anyone.

True, and I agree no mud slinging. But when one says mine is better than yours I believe that the other has every right to defend himself...don't you? If he says his is better than mine should he try to prove it, I mean just because he says so doesn't make it so? I was just wanting a good ole competition, no mud slinging involved.
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