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ES oct 14 targets

UP: 1064,1085,1104

Down: 1040,1025,1004

All of you should have gone the 47.50 or 26.50 points and for you faint of hearts at least to 1040.

There is one more target down and it may come to pass...its my 'Coffee' target

989, 975.75 or 944.00.

But you should be sleeping well in the night...."Who said you can lose your house trading futures.' Oh yeah the guys on CNBC and those mutual fund managers....

Anybody notice how the 'fuzz busters' reached my upper targets on globex....oh well.

Good luck.
again we have no direction with these targets posted YESTERDAY hit so pat me on the seriously....suppose someone was going for the 1064 which didn't come after the open...I think most realize the foolishness of this PIPs...I'm just trying to make you more credible.......for those who want to see how I traded for my numbers they can go to the ES thread....whre can we go to see how you traded this?

I'm not bragging but these here are just numbers and have no real meaning.....but I'll keep on ya in order to try and make this have some substance..
Hey Pips,

Appreciate you posting this information. One thing,..could you possibly post a translation e-booklet, or some sort of outline for us not speaking your 'language'. Maybe even set up a power point room where we could all log in and spend a few hours on some Saturday. Heck, make it a two-dayer. (Popstocks can even help you set up a room like he did for koolblue).
Frankly I'm tired of trying to 'decipher' this. Gets a little old trying to re-read everything you type, because you lack the ability to make coherent sentences or it's all part of your 'illusion of trader-dom'. Either way, hey if it's just me and my stupidity and ignorance,..then a thousand apologies.
Pips please give us a plan on how to trade these numbers even though they blew through on the downside then maybe you can brag.
He reminds me of a guy a year ago called VOODOO who bragged about time not price & how he was going to manage a hedge fund & dissappeared. Believe it is him.
scam artist! LOL
Oh brother.

Lets start with Koolblue: He reminds me of Secretariat on Paltalk from 2006/2007 with greg in trading zone..Sec and kool blue are on demo accounts rambling on about nonsense with 3 pt stop. kool blue...let me say "fool" blue has no idea where the market is going...that's the difference with a wanna be and a professional trader like pips2007.

Sec and Koolblue on demo account, no real trader rambles on but Sec did and he maybe be SEcretariat from Paltalk.

Again if you ran 1 contract on my numbers you would have made a lot of profit the last 2 days on ES and TF. A lot of profit. If you can't decipher if the market is going to go down or have no business trading.

Mudd11: Go back to sowing, truck driving or whatever you do. YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW TO TRADE...STICK WITH "FOOL" BLUE..and get stopped out.
game plan...geez. Just go short or long and get the targets...'Moron.' And the numbers need to be hit that's the plan...for the price to go past them so YOU MAKE MONEY.

BTW, when my 1004 price was hit I gave extra downside targets...and low and behold 975.75 was so close to the low of 974.25 and I told you that at 11.10 am, when the market was at 1010 or so. But you too stupid to figure it out.

Mudd11 you better give up have no idea of what to do. And I'm not Voodoo. But I like 'Voodoo Child' by Jimi Hendrix. Mudd11 you too "Dazed and Confused" to trade.

mainecane: I think you and mudd11 must be have been too used to paltalk and the like...YOU learN FROM FOOLS YOU GET FOOLISH RESULTS!!!!
I can call my targets anything....the point is they hit...with a lot of points. I call them coffee, because I drink coffee when I derive them....Pity you don't get it. Market goes down OR up...pull the trigger and make money...OH YOU still on demo account along with Kool blue and the demo gang.

In Jan 2008, I told people you could get 3/10/20 pts nearly got the same all nonsense then. But the markets don't lie.

I made over 80 points today on ES alone and I trade only 1 or 2 per day. Again for you 'morons' if you took 1 contract and let it run to where I said the market is going to would make money and lots of it.

But YOU DON'T HAVE THE CONFIDENCE TRADING LIKE I DO. YOU would too if your numbers hit everyday like they do for me. Your too busy listening to fools trading and getting stopped out.

Kool and his trading gang have no idea where the market is going.

And mudd11 and maincane and the rest...if you have to ask...then you should NOT be trading.

Finally, to the Neutrals...check out all my previous posts and see how correct on a macro level on commodities, downside macro target on ES, YM have been.

So for the can either make money with me or enjoy the Paltalk, hotcomm, et al traders who don't know NOTHING ABOUT TRADING.

Its a pity, amateurs don't respect REAL traders....Kool and the demo gang.

I would not want demo traders like 'fool' blue and the rest of the jokers to make money. They enjoy not knowing where the market is going...they have no let them be.
Pips how about you and I trading in a 3 month long traders cup? It starts in January and I think Larry Williams holds the recored? i.e. 11,000% in 3 months in 87'. And Robert Prector in 93 or 97 is second with 4600%, and Buzzy Schwartz is in there as well, along with Paul T. Jones...but I have never heard of pips2007.

Hey rookie, why dont you take everybodies offer and post your trades BEFORE the fact! What are you afraid of? Everyone here has an open mind, PIPS. were just asking for this simple thing . dont be afraid.
I have seen kool call trades day after day to the min for tops/bottoms and to the dollar at the same time. All I have seen from pips is just some random numbers each way.


well its bound to hit them sometime. We need content pips, without it its just plain old numbers.
raising stop to 985.50

True, and I agree no mud slinging. But when one says mine is better than yours I believe that the other has every right to defend himself...don't you? If he says his is better than mine should he try to prove it, I mean just because he says so doesn't make it so? I was just wanting a good ole competition, no mud slinging involved.