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Globex 10-15-08

Crazy day, lucky to escape with my shirt . Current short term proj. is 1000.25-50.
Long at 990, small holding overnight....
wow just spiked up and then down 4 points in like 5 secs...
Have a limit to buy more at 977.5

Exited plus one, I was playing around with some settings earlier and forgot to change them back...whoops, as soon as I changed them back it showed a little more down pressure likely before bottom.
short one from 991.00. covering here
out 989.00... plus 2 on the session.Well, ive regrouped after a dismal day session. Amazing 90 handle drop on the es off of my 1060 high! its hard to believe were going straight to a retest but i suppose anything is possible. It should be noted that advance -declines were positive yesterday, so nothing is etched in stone.
i should point out the proj. down from the 1011.50 high was 978.75, so it may be considered filled by the 980 low . there fore im really looking to buy short term.
buying 989.50 ob.
missed it...watching
selling one 991.00,3 point stop
bad news all over the place
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