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Globex 10-15-08

Crazy day, lucky to escape with my shirt . Current short term proj. is 1000.25-50.
Hey Cool

Which Country do you live in?

I ve been picking up on this site an notice you still trading either doin the late night burner or pulling a few arvo points :)
LOL, i always try to grab a fewpoints off the globex seesion for the following reasons... a} globex moves slower than the day session allowing for better entries and exits... b} i like to start the day session ahead a little so my first trade is 'free'. . Its basically a head thing. im a very short term scalper just going for 1-4 handles usually so my avg. stop might be 3 handles... c) im off work this week so im taking advantage of every opp. i can.
LOL Kool i noticed you been leaving about three times now. And I really thought you had left when you said i the first time. I been around just reading the old forum posts here. nice scalps sir!
nice trades Kool

Why do you work?
I was just reading through some old posts do you use standard indicators and settings for W%R and Stochs

did you get around to writing up a one pager on your method?

would be interesting to seet he finner details
ive explained that before, because i work, i have no pressure in my trading. IF i lose it simply isnt that important because my job pays the bills. Im strictly small time now(1 -4 es) although there was atime i used to trade 10 lots of the big spoos. Now im gettin old so im simply enjoying a passion of mine (trading) with no pressure and making some good coin also. SEE the past es threads or archives. and yes i use standard %r and stoch. on my 5, and 1 min. charts. my lines on the %r are set at 8 and 92.For my methods (definitly unorthodox) reasearch the es threads and forum in general.
FOR instance profithound, my price proj. was for 999.50 which we have bounced off of 3 times in the last hour. Thats why i took that trade tonite at 998.50... easy money

Thanks for the response, and I have read through all the prior posts of yours and watched the video and have been piecing this method together. similar to a dead cat bounce...

Nice that you can trade as a passion as is mine. I trade Options on commodoties and have developed a method that only requires a small amount of effort to adjust positions to take profit on a weekly basis leaving me with too much time..., Alas its boring as bat poo..... hence the due diligence on something with a little more excitment. Main portfolio 95% is with options Non Directional stuff just time trading .... Human I know but the 5% I enjoy playing with gives me the 95% of enjoyment.

It seems as with other forums very few people know that in order to recieve they must first give..... I trust that your passion yeilds the success you desire as you have certainly given!


the Hound
thanks, hound! just sold 1002.00.Reasons ... cycle short term peak, overbought 2, 5 , and 25 min. charts.... price proj. is slightly higher but ,i wont stay too long!(if not stopped out... using a 3 point stop here)
covering here
bad news all over the place
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