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ES 10-16-08

wow, a crazy globex session basically coming out flat. Volitility is very high, so entries and exits have to be quick! looking to buy near the open
and if we add these to the 865 area then we get to my 950 target area......interesting day so far...Volume zones are huge !!!! 912 - 918 showing lots of activity today
Originally posted by koolblue

As i said ,yesterday, if we just do what weve done for the last 2 days(range 111.25, 92.75..avg 102) then todays high 931.50 minus 102 is 829 or below the yearly low. No guareentees of course, the plunge protection team will act at some point, but its just something to keep in mind!

long one from 906.00, 6 point stop
mini low due here ,but we'll see....
projects to around 920 but i dont trust it
raising stop to 901.00
the good thing is ,if by chance the proj. comes true the 1 min upper boll. is there so itll grab hold of that and run to 932-34
Good point , Bruce!
note the naz iz positive with a neg. dow and s&p(potentially bullish?)
stopped for a 5 point loss..up only 16.75 now
still a chance for bullish resoulution as long as it stays off of the lower bb ..1 min. at895
a friend sent me this tonight so I thought I'd ask you folks:

"These are for the November options.
Do you have a clue what the catch is?

Sell 94.00 puts 94.00 SWGWP make +$9.48
Short the SPY at $94
Buy 94 calls 94.00 SWGKP pay -$4.73
Net profit $9.48- $4.73= $4.75
This looks like a risk free trade to me.

What's the catch?"


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