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Globex 10-29-08

Looks like i missed some fire works. Not un expected tho, as i have expected a solid rally this week stretching to the election or 2 days after. Itll have to be decent enough for the bulls to believe the bear is over.The perfect set up for a decline into the 45 day low due mid Nov.!
was there a gap ?

stop is at 939.25, came within one tick!
out at 945.00,plus 3 total down 4.5 on the session...watching

I know its not a good day so far and please excuse my request but I am trying to find more information on your cycle work.

I have been through every one of your posts and could only find the Tech Setups and Price projections. I do understand this is your proprietary work but any further information would be a great help.


the Hound

chasing short if 942.00 is hit again
P.S. I also emailed Pop as the link to his video is either down or broken, I only had a chance to watch it once and was looking to rewatch before some real time work
its forming nice H&S pattern on 1 min chart with target of 928 but i am afraid to get in as i have seen many times those patterns have failed on me...

If POP cant get the link to his video working e- mail me and ill try to whip some thing up for you ... right now i have price proj to around 933 and am hoping for a rebound to the 1 min 54 exponential mov. avg at 941.75 to get short . IF we get any closer , say 934 and change ,ill cancel of course.
5 min avg is currently 932.75
well, i guess it should be obviuos where the ultimate price projection was! I knew it too! and THEY NEVER FILLED MY ORDER! [email protected]#[email protected]#@#!
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