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Globex 10-29-08

Looks like i missed some fire works. Not un expected tho, as i have expected a solid rally this week stretching to the election or 2 days after. Itll have to be decent enough for the bulls to believe the bear is over.The perfect set up for a decline into the 45 day low due mid Nov.!
might go to 938.75 min if we hold those lows...
Kool appreciate the support.

[email protected]

I studied Gann extensivly but got caught up in analysis paralysis so gave up on directional trading.

I have some time again and am looking seriously at trading futures. I have enjoyed your posts (All of them yes it was a long day!) Cycles have me very intrigued..... needless to say any information will be very much appreciated

thanks in advance

the Humble Hound
1 min avg is now 940 and falling , but 5 min boll avg(15 period exp.)is 942.08 and flat.. a natural target.
order cancelled ... switching to the es thread
wow 4 th touch 35

Ultimate price orj. here runs to the 945 area very close to the open... still may pause at my 942 area first tho.
remember the initial price proj. on globex?... 933 area
order to buy 926.25 for a bounce.
well, i guess it should be obviuos where the ultimate price projection was! I knew it too! and THEY NEVER FILLED MY ORDER! [email protected]#[email protected]#@#!
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