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ES 11-07-08

I know Koolblue normally starts this but as he is away for a while I thought we could maybe start ?
lotta support around there, at least temporarily. also 30 min boll avg is 914.50 making this 914-17 area critical i think(at least for the short term)
just noticed i had written down 'good cycle top ,15min bar at 12(12-1215)! which came in nicely , i also have written down 1:10 peak ,5min chart
Originally posted by koolblue

right back to the 5 min 54 exp avg at 918.00

Koolblue, thanks for your teaching. I've read your posts in and I have discovered new views in market analysis.
By long time I have studied cycles, but now I see the micro-cycles, few minutes cycles.

Today i have applied your teaching to trading, and it works: also I love short, very short trading, that is very difficult.

Now, I go away.

Good Weekend.

i see 916.75 on this try (of a break of the critical area)
winding it up!
Man, if they keep punchin if enough times ,sooner or later theyll break it!
i think its gonna break
Close! bounce right back up to hug that 15 min! but i dont how long the avgs can hold it!
think they'll hold it up until Pres Obama speaks?
thell catch their breath at the 1 min avg now at 919.50 and try again i bet!
Thanks Redsix and Kool..

Kool, I am at that section and I see advancing, declining, unchanged total etc etc.. How do i interpret that ?


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