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ES 11-07-08

I know Koolblue normally starts this but as he is away for a while I thought we could maybe start ?
prestwick what time frame are you getting 28K & 20k from?
Originally posted by tick bandit

prestwick what time frame are you getting 28K & 20k from?

full pit session from BAV study with trades of 50 or more contracts considered big money
WELL THAT MINI PEAK CAME IN EARLY AT 3;41 ,good for ony 4 handles and change ,due to the fact that at 15;05 and 15:06, 1 min bars have the same low! and overlap each other almost perfectly!
Gotta go pick up my daughter.. good trading all!

Can somebody please help me or direct how to find out closing tick$ for the day? I remember some of you folks mentioned yesterday its on reuters feed as well .

I use amp global as my platform and i don't see that feature in my software.

have a good weekend all, I'am off to ride my motorcycle
wsj - the TICK count is quoted like it is an equity or index. On Reuters the symbol is &TICK. On DTN IQ and Schwab it is $TICK. I'd play around with those symbols and if they don't work talk to your vendor. The TRIN is valuable indicator also. got to markets tab,click on market data, then under us stocks look for closing indexes and diary, there you have market diary .... bingo!
Thanks Redsix and Kool..

Kool, I am at that section and I see advancing, declining, unchanged total etc etc.. How do i interpret that ?