Using MP on FOREX ?

Hello all

I have a few questions on using MP to trade foreign currency:

1) Can anyone give me an idea of how well MP works with FX ? I use MP with futures but really want to give it a try with FX.

2) What platform/ data vendor would people recommend to use to plot/chart MP on FX ? I would prefer to use my current broker to trade (Thinkorswim) so at this point just need to be able to chart/plot MP for FX.

Alternatively is there a calculator I can use to get MP levels for FOREX pairs and how do I use the calculator correctly ?

Thanks in advance
Hey there Rod aka Mr. Wrong, just pointing out what MB says on their page.

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In any case, feel free to get back on topic. We were discussing MP on spot FX, and you decided to magically step in and take up for MB out of nowhere. I provided supporting documentation directly from MB's far all you have done is offer hearsay and opinion. Which, when compared to documented facts like I produced, makes you wrong. Next time specify what you are talking about before calling someone wrong when they are not.

Thanks for letting this thread stay on topic moving forward. I appreciate your cooperation.

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Okay, moving forward-

Alright guys, now that troll is out of the way, let us continue the discussion on spot FX MP applications.

I have been using 240 minute profiles and find they are extremely helpful. You can merge them as needed to get a broader picture. You will most likely want to drop the TPO's from 30m to 15m to make sure you have enough to build solid profiles with.