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Globex 11-13-08

Hey gang! Bingo on my market update posted last weekend for much lower prices this week! We are now in a critical stage for the markets.From the long term weekly and monthly charts there are proj down to 777 or so but i was hoping they wouldnt be achieved untill the next expected 'significant ' low when both the 45 day cycle(the one doing this damage) AND the even more powerful 120 day low are scheduled to bottom! Now , im not so sure! Our only hope is that if you remember back in sept ,the last time the 45 day bottomed. i was off by 2 days. I have fri. as the 'scheduled' low so it would actually be sweet if im off by 2 days again! LOL.. im going to take a look at the longer term charts again tonite to see what there saying now. Any way , for short term purposes , im long one from 842.50 and covering here just under the 1 min proj of 845.25
Kool FWIW...I have:
5m = 835, 824.50
15m = 832, 830.50, 816
missed you today kool
Hello Kool, what method ru using? are you counting bars? I'm watching on a 5min and don't see it!

i have an order in at 850.00, just under the 5 min proj of 850.41, but im guessing theyll be a pullback around 847.75 to 848.75 first(if we even get there!)
order @ 850 is to short???
1 min avg(54 exp.)is 846.00 and 5 min boll avg(15 exp)is also 846.00
Yes, Palmer short(just for a short term scalp, thats my style)
Cjo, counting bars is for cycles(the 'when') im refering to price projections in these posts(the 'how much'). Refer to methodologies,technical analsis,price and vol, Kools tools for price to learn the technique
Vo ,ive learned to trust your proj. Your probably my finest 'follower' . Ihadnt yet looked at 15 or 5 min yet just the hourly trying to get the 'bigger' picture. Whats really eating at me is daily chart clearly calls for fri as a low and thats also when the 45 day cycle is due to end. Here we are at a predicted price level(by me anyway!) and thats still 2 days away! Alittle scary! hope fully we'll rebound some tomorrow!
well it came earlier last time as well
Whwew, bingo! there it is! 2.25 on each! now up 7.5 on the day and calling it quits! Talk to everyone tomorrow!