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ES 11-14-08

15m: 935, 945 and 866.50, 836.50

will be away most the day
i will sell 886.25, however(mov avgs)
Omg , missed by one tick!..Not another one of those days i hope!
selling 878.75
ill exit at 886.75 if they let me!
stopped again... loss of 3.. now up 3 ...watching
selling up here!
short 2 @ 886.00, 3.5 stop
covering 882.75
(proj minimum was 882.25) out 2 at 882.75, plus 6.50 total.. up 9.5 now ...Yippee! that was actually the first good trade ive made since cycles and tech. indicators both agreed!
15 min up proj is 889, down sides still 862-3 for the 'bigger ' picture
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My thought process with this chart was with a break
@ 868.00 we might go to the 829.00 area. That was hit
this morning @ 6:40est