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Globex 11-18-08

just getting it warmed up for you kool...congrats on a outstanding job today.

1m 43.75 & 42.75
5m 43.75/62.50
15m 828/935.75
perhaps it was kool...its not always "nice & clean" like I like
[email protected]$%[email protected]% .. hit my 847 and turned on a dime! I was busy posting and missed it!
I was short 1 point ahead of you at 40.50...down 3
VO, the only good news i can find is that starting sometime soon (certainly by wed.) i see strong upside press. into fri. Im just worried we going lower first.(today)
the 5m proj off the 29.25 was to 44
I hope its real strong before Fri...Ive got a slug of calls I got in Oct that are dead currently
Yeah, i was looking at the 15 min bars off of the recent low of 829.25 to get the 847 hit and the 852 number
15m off low is 54 beat me to it
yeah, im working off the 838.25 peak(852.75) instead of the 838.75 one that your using (854) , either way my stop should protect me(if we get there of course)
See ya on the ES thread!...watching