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ES 11-18-08

Well, another lousy globex for me! Coming into the open down 2.5. Working off of a price proj of 852.75-854 ... watching
if that is H&S then we should test 860 area right?

I get a 8.50 Head to neckline which means 49.25
im reading these ?s like im trading today sorry...yes to answer your ?, but have we not already? Look at the break
covering 851
covering one only at 851, holding the the bal for 855
Koolio whats your feel here...we get any momentum and the 15m 28 is in play
Honestly, im confused, i of course expected upside today but the low we hit (except for filling a 15 min objective) meant nothing to the bigger picture! If we had gone down to 813 or so, i would be a raving bull into the 27th. but i dont quite know what to make of this . Ididnt post it but i had a proj to 866, but we could just as easily run back to test the 882 area.It'll be interesting to see if we get that late day smash, like i saw coming yesterday, remember?
Bruce are you in?
If I look long range I see 815, fwiw.
fwiw the 15m H bar gives 44
was the closing tick above 800?