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ES 11-18-08

Well, another lousy globex for me! Coming into the open down 2.5. Working off of a price proj of 852.75-854 ... watching
ok, 15 min proj was 844.25, so i guess thats what happened! ill sell 855.50
Maybe 857 then down we go?
short 2 from 855.50, 3.5 stop
the will test 58.50 in this low volume trade soon so I think better shorts sit above
maybe , Margie, i was selling the 5 min avg at 855.00 and 1 min boll same area
covered one at 854 to to be safe.. holding the other for 851
looks like your right guys!
This will be interesting because the minimum 15 min projection is the 844 area ,but all the longer term avgs are around 846 . wonder how it may play out! Still covering 851 tho cause of my short term nature!
a little gap on the one minute above 58.50..they'll clean it up ...sorry Kool I hope I didn't mess up your trade with my opinion
857.25 better hold it
was the closing tick above 800?