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Globex 11-19-08

outstanding projections: long term (weekly) 812-13... 5 and 15 min 854.00 (unless 869 is touched again)
Me too, Palmer, but i'll likely exit long before 847.. its just my syle!
nice- i have a 3 point stop
SAME HERE...but we really dont want to see it go above 856.75
cycle top in 1 min.
lower stop to 2.5 points
stopped out -3
..stopped ...sigh... down 3 on the session!
selling again 857.50 or higher...
got that one too KOOL + 2.5
by the way, this is the expected bounce from the (page one) 846 level. the fact that it was exceded by 5 ticks lends validity to my statement about lower projections ahead, in my opinion. dont forget about the gap at 866 tho. currently 1 min proj is 852.75 where the 5 min avg is hanging out ,but i dont like to trade the pit open volitility generally