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Globex 11-19-08

outstanding projections: long term (weekly) 812-13... 5 and 15 min 854.00 (unless 869 is touched again)
i was trying for 856 :)
got at least 11 min to the next cycle peak
wow we selling off here
Yeah and my order was in to sell 853.75! Missed by one tick again!
2 min to peak ..selling 851.25
nice grab Kool- i was away missed that one
covered at 848.00, cause the minimum proj was 847.75, remember?(page one) 3.25 on the day... watching
well, my latest order in bout ten min ago at 853.50 wasnt even close so i'll have to sit and watch the open now... i have lower proj still closer to 840 and am a little surprised thy didnt try to run it up to the open but the 8:30 news must have been lousy! (havent looked at it yet) .. see ya on the ES thread!
by the way, this is the expected bounce from the (page one) 846 level. the fact that it was exceded by 5 ticks lends validity to my statement about lower projections ahead, in my opinion. dont forget about the gap at 866 tho. currently 1 min proj is 852.75 where the 5 min avg is hanging out ,but i dont like to trade the pit open volitility generally
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