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Globex 12-01-08

hey gang, here we go.. another fun week (especially tues-wed)... short one from 896.00, looking for 891.50 , planning to cover 892.50
seems like I was late in getting the easy gap fill you took
cool... maybe Margie can get some use out of it.. short one at 882.25 covering 889.50 cause i have to go to work tonite, off tomorrow tho!
yep. had nothing to do with cycles or projections , just seemed like a gimme!
after running all the numbers it seems like the 905 area is going to be important...i came up with 5m, 15m, 60m there and a .618 retrace from the 11/5 H on both daily and weekly
yup and the daily chart off of 739 to 802.25= 904.58 ... but.. i tend to think well hit it ,decline and then resume the rally into late tues or even wed at the latest. Just a guess tho.
well, im out at 889.50,plus 2.75 there..up 6.25 on the day... and heres the first stopping point 888
wow, maybe she goes straight to the 15 min proj around 881!
nice start to the week
888.00 was the current 5 min proj. and some kind of bounce would be expected
Yeah, a little 'scary'... too easy so far!
Going to take a snooze till about 10:00 ... c ya soon!
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