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Globex 12-01-08

hey gang, here we go.. another fun week (especially tues-wed)... short one from 896.00, looking for 891.50 , planning to cover 892.50
see ya
Jack, 15 period exponential boll bands at 2.75 deviations(all charts the same)
Thanks & have a good nite,
CYA!(SURE LOOKS LIKE 887.50-888 O/N THE REBOUND ) 15 MIN BOLL AVG(15 PERIOD)887.75 5 MIN AVG(54) AND BOLL AVG(15) ARE 887.61 AND 1 MIN AVG IS 886.35... LATER!
check your email when you get a chance
Im baaack! And i see the 'deadly ' 15 min projection to 881.50(actual proj was 881.75) was hit and good for a bounce.
All this is negated ,of course,on any touch of 897.50 again. Tho im on record as expecting a top sometime between now and wed, with tues the most ideal date, remember that whenever it occurs, whether now or at higher (904.50-905.50?) prices, the closing ticks have been over the 'deadly' plus 800 level for ,like, 3 days in a row! Any thing can happen ,of course, but the past few months this has always led to a large market decline generally 70-120 handles or more.
Going to take a snooze till about 10:00 ... c ya soon!
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