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Globex 12-08-08

evening all! Im looking to sell early probably around 876 or slightly lower. proj is 863 unless 879.50 is touched
hey prestwick...I think I got a better delta with also trades in the 20's and SDS is in the 80's...I am anxious for the 3x to build up their liquidity, which they will over time.
cancelling that short- shorting @878. to 878.50 area
Palmer I think we're going to get a shot at 80 in a few minutes
[email protected] with 3 point stop
stopped out down 3- later guys
we filled the 15min. RTH gap @ 870.75 / 894.50; however we closed above
morning, gang! Isee we hit 2 of the numbers i gave last nite(and last week) 888 and 895-6, next is 906 and change 911 and then 922! going to nap till after the open. See you then!
ps; could trend back to the open around 872.25 first tho!...C YA!
went long one at 895.50, looking for 898.00 cause it projects back to 898.50
I think 910-911 is good short