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Globex 12-08-08

evening all! Im looking to sell early probably around 876 or slightly lower. proj is 863 unless 879.50 is touched
yeah palmer I am aware of that area...I have it on one of my daily charts...I thought we would run into it last week and was disappointed we didnt...I was keying that area for put buying
PAlmer i covered that fib relationship a week ago on 'longer term outlook' on the trading strategies forum!
Well, gotta go to the salt mines! see ya just after the open tomorrow!
see ya kool
Later, pal!
SHorting that 876 if we get there
Originally posted by VOwater

the SSO is the 2x S/P...that is what I used for puts the other day...dont know if you have noticed, but they now have 3x etf's!...liquidity is an issue right now with them but as they catch on - what a vehicle

VO - Did you consider buying calls on the SDS instead (inverse of SSO)? Prior to two weeks ago I only traded the SDS and SSO off of my ES work. They have great liquidity and tight bid/ask spreads during regular market hours.
SDS SSO???? English gug's english
I play SDS all the time
If this market reaches 877, 873 would be a good target
I think 910-911 is good short
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