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Globex 1-09-09

Currently short [email protected] 909.50(see charts 1-08-09 to see why)
holding for a 906.00 exit... short term proj down is currently about 905.50
COVERED ONE AT 908.00 TO REDUCE RISK.. Plus 1.5 on that half.. now ill play a breakeven stop at 909.50 and bracet with my 906.00 exit .
i would expect the 903.50 area to be seen tonite, but also wouldnt be surprise to see 915.75. Unemployment figures come out tomorrow morning.
well, came within one tick of stopping me out, but still alive for now! have to grt ready for work.. orders in,see everyone around 6:30-7 tomorrow a.m.!
ugh ,i see they just got me ..too bad up 1.5 on the session.. C YA!
We could get to a significant low if the reports go negative tomorrow.
im selling 905.25...
short from 905.25...watching
morning Kool
morning, covered one at 903.75, plus up 3 on the session, exiting the other at 902.75
filling singles 886.5-892, 886 sq 9, singles also 883-886