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BruceM and Dennis Bolze - scam artist ??

Here is a link to Elite trader you can read all about Dennis...or what's left of own little story will follow sometime later.....
Is this his house?

yes it was.....amazing! almost looks as good as mine...LOL
A few years ago I was contacted by an online trader who lives in Israel. He had seen a few posts of mine on Misc.invest.futures or possible some of my ramblings when I used to haunt the paltalk rooms. I can't remember where. He told me he was one of Woodies ( Of woodies CCI claim to fame) very first students and was failing miserably at trading and was very skeptical of Woody.

After doing some of my own research on Woody I became quite skeptical myself and years later I stumbled upon the tradersparadise blog Of Dennis Bolze. I was impressed that he had the guts to stand out on his own and confront woody in such a public manner. We spoke only a few times over the years but exchanged emails and this past August he invited me to his "October fest" trading seminar. I knew that he had done a few of these in the past and I was certainly impressed with that MONSTER of a house he was cutting into the hills of Gaitlinberg. I fiqured he must be the real deal right?

I was excited about meeting him and taking the two kids and my wife down there for a vacation while I sat in a room with fellow traders. I haven't been to a seminar in person since Jake Bernstein came to Stamford CT in the late 90's.

We had much of it planned except for the air fare. Luckily for me, my wife acts like she is more scottish than I am and she held off to find a "good deal" on air fare. My feeling was that it just couldn't hurt to go to a seminar and contribute money to charity. Seemed honest and fair to me. Bolze was to receive no money from the seminar and we'd be helping out some local worthy cause.

Well about two weeks before the seminar I received a very apologetic email from Dennis saying the seminar was canceled due to personal health reasons. Then he starts writing on the blog how he can't eat certain foods anymore and the doctors are giving him a hard time. That's the last I heard from him. My most recent emails have gone unanswered.

Now I'm not quite sure I would have forked over money for him to manage IF there was such a sales pitch given at the seminar. Some say he didn't use the seminars for promoting his other ventures. It's easy to look at a chart when the day is done and we all like to think that we would have bought at "x" and sold at "y" in hindsight but that's not the real world. I consider myself lucky that I didn't get the opportunity to go down there as I truely can't say what would have happened.

As many know I ended up blowing my money down at Disney world instead of Dollywood/gaitlinberg in late October. That's money well spent!

As for my online friend in Israel, well he is one of the five people that got past the "screening" process for the trading zoo when they where still in business. He helped me expose them for the frauds that they where. He now trades with Naturus and seems happy with her as his teacher.

Once again this brings home the point that we are all in this together and we all seem to be connected some how...even if it's ONLY the selfless goal of helping each other become better traders or avoiding the ripoff artists.

Just thought I'd relate this simple tale! Some of these folks are real pros at getting into our minds and figuring out what we want.

BruceM, Thanks for sharing your experience.
Thanks Bruce. You're a wealth of knowledge. I think you've probably talked to or corresponded with at least 80% of the publicly known traders.
forewarned is forearmed, thx
scary isn't it? "traders" hmmm that's questionable...vendors perhaps
Originally posted by day trading

Thanks Bruce. You're a wealth of knowledge. I think you've probably talked to or corresponded with at least 80% of the publicly known traders.

catchy title, I thought you were Dennis partner in crime.

I almost went to his seminar too.
I knew I'd find is the last email I received from Dennis: This must have been a "form" letter he sent out as I never was in his chat room....

"Good Afternoon Bruce,

This is not going to be the best email you have ever received because I am
going to have to postpone the workshop next weekend until, at least, after
the New Year. I have been talking, and at great lengths, with my doctors
about what I can do and shouldn't do, about my diet and all the way to the
stress load.

This decision is a hard one for me to make, but I hope you understand,
somehow, because I really enjoy doing the workshop, sharing ideas and
networking with a great bunch of people. If you want I can do some of this
online over the next couple of the stock ideas..

Again I am sorry for whatever inconvenience that this might cause but just
got back from the doctor's office this morning and I have to agree with him,
to a point, and postpone the workshop for a few months until I get a clean
bill of health, I have lost weight, exercising, taking walks and being good
and soon I will be able to return to a more normal schedule including being
in the chat room...

Always the best
Interesting post it is, all I can say is that over the years I have learned not to trust anyone but myself when trading and by what I see so far from a lot of you posting you are doing great with your system, mine is a bit different as I follow wave patterns but I use a lot of Fib's combined with waves relationship to find important end of waves and from there I ride it.

I used to post a lot even almost live ones with pictures showing the count and the reversal target but that was too much time consuming for me and was interfering with my trading. I must say that it is not easy to post live but you are doing a very good job with that.

Different methods and different results are always possible but at the end what is the most important is that we make money and I haven't seen much people from so called big websites calling tops and bottoms lately while you and I have been able to make money, so why bother to look at what they claim they can do when the method you use give you good results, trust me on this don't waist your time looking for more elswhere.

I have the same feelings towards the free sites. I have learned a lot from a couple. has been very helpful with plenty of interesting skills. Then is loaded. Has anyone seen these?

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