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More questions...

I received some more questions in a PM on IRC so I've changed the name of the innocent to protect them :) and copied it here for you to read:

Session Start: Mon Mar 07 11:41:56 2005
Session Ident: JavaGuest
[11:59:26] <JavaGuest> I was wondering if the trades in the room are typed before they happen sort of like LBR?
[11:59:36] <JavaGuest> and
[12:00:11] <JavaGuest> can someone if he chooses to follow his trades or to be more direct use it as a pick service
[12:00:36] <guy> JP hardly does any typing
[12:00:57] <guy> but he calls out what he is looking at and if he is working a value
[12:01:04] <guy> he speaks a lot
[12:01:27] <guy> so if he is trying to get long at 21.25 then he'll say that he's working that area
[12:01:41] <JavaGuest> ok
[12:01:43] <guy> and he'll tell you the points that he's trying to get out at and the stops that he's using
[12:01:56] <guy> but he does not want people to use it as a pick service
[12:02:04] <guy> because he says that he won't be here forever
[12:02:13] <guy> and would rather teach people to trade like him
[12:02:27] <guy> so they understand why and can trade without him
[12:04:45] <JavaGuest> So many teachers and gurus in the trading industry that can plunge you to your worsed trading or are out just for the money or the fee you pay and teach you useless stuff.
[12:05:17] <JavaGuest> Do you think he means well and everthing in his website is true ?
[12:05:55] <guy> yes
[12:06:07] <guy> he was cajoled into giving this course
[12:06:16] <guy> by people that he'd taught for free
[12:06:26] <JavaGuest> so its true
[12:06:30] <JavaGuest> ok
[12:06:47] <JavaGuest> do you use his method too
[12:06:58] <JavaGuest> ?
[12:08:03] <guy> yes - but it's not a method
[12:08:07] <guy> he teaches MP
[12:08:19] <guy> MP is a way of understanding and reading the market
[12:08:20] <JavaGuest> do you think one can profit if he uses his mehtod only with discipline in the long term
[12:08:30] <guy> it doesn't give black/white buy/sell signals
[12:08:56] <guy> yes but you need to do a lot of hard work before you become profitable
[12:08:57] <JavaGuest> yes I am familiar with that part, but I am veru interested in the setups and exits
[12:09:12] <guy> for example you need to have read the Mind over Markets book
[12:09:14] <guy> a few times
[12:10:18] <JavaGuest> yes I started reading it
[12:10:56] <JavaGuest> out of the 40 that are in the room how many are learning and how many are old timers
[12:11:27] <guy> about 5 old timers and rest learning
[12:11:41] <JavaGuest> ok
[12:11:45] <guy> you are basically learning MP in the room
[12:14:11] <JavaGuest> why does not he use hotcomm so we could see the charts too?
[12:15:15] <guy> (1) he's not very tech savvy and (2) feels that we don't need it
[12:15:26] <guy> i need to go right now but will be back in 30 minutes
[12:15:38] <JavaGuest> thanks
Session Close: Mon Mar 07 16:01:47 2005
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