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This article will put forth my theory on timing 'cycles' or swings in the market using a unique little trick I have successfully used for over ten years now. First a brief background on how it was discovered. Years ago I was an Elliot Wave groupie and while I had confidence in the theory, I found that to trade off of it was practically impossible. There were always 2 or 3 counts possible, etc. It did however open my eyes to certain patterns and I turned my attention to studying them . Cycles intrigued me, but like the waves, they were always stretching or compressing and so were also too inaccurate to trade off of. Then I discovered a simple little trick that I still use today with great success!

Basically , the theory is this. I count from any peak to the next peak. Let's say it's 10 bars. I multiply that by 2 to see where the low for that cycle is going to be. Not necessarily 'the low' but the low for that cycle. Same thing in reverse. Count low to low to get where the peak is (for that cycle). This is so simple a child could do it! The trick is that on some occasions I add one bar to my count . I'll get more in to that later. This works on all time frames any chart, any index, commodity, etc. I use this in tandem with some simple technical indicators (Williams %r and stochastic) to see if I want to buy or sell. I also use another discovery of mine, price projection which I cover the price article. Here's an example in real-time trading just this morning.


I know there's a lot on this chart but I'm new at explaining this as it's hard to do by writing as opposed to in person. After you absorb this chart check out the next one to see what happened next!

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this wealth of information. It has proven quite useful to me already.

In your tutorial links, like this one, the chart used as an example in post 1 is missing. Do you know where I may find it?

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