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The 15 min gimmee trade

Ok, youve seen the 15 min deadly, and the 7 wave trend killer, now its time to meet the 15 min gimme! This is a trade set-up with astounding accuracy(i cant seem to find a time when it didnt work, though im sure some must exist) and its mathematically based and just plain common sense!Many have asked me about my boll bands,since i constantly refer to the boll avg (15 period e.m.a.)that i use. i dont even keep the bands on my 1 min. chart as ive never found them useful, but i do have them on my 15 min chart and heres how i use them! keep in mind that i use a 15 period ema and 2.75 deviations, not 20 period and 2 deviations like most default settings that everyone uses.The theory is simple..whenever we approach a band up or down ill sell one handle above the band or one handle below the band ill buy. I use a 3 point stop, and take profits after 3 points from my entry. Now i realize this is only a 1:1 ratio, but if its accuracy is 95% plus then your going to make some good coin! most moves on this trade are far in excess of 5 handles, but ill leave exit strategy up to the user. I dont get greedy, just 3 points same as my stop.Heres a look at the last few days and some examples....

Click image for original size
trouble with the charts ...please dont comment till i can post them! 6 of them..
Closing comments: This is adetailed study of just the last 5 or 6 days. 100% wins ,no losses. but the important thing is the rules. note how you want a significant pierce, not just 1-3 ticks. also be aware these piercings dont ocurr execpt in extreme circumstances, usually news driven events, and they can be scary as hell! thats why the rules are important. you can see that if you can adhere to them, they are sucessful! some tweaking can be done(traling stops?) but be careful of the tendancy to take every piercing as a gimmee.etc
Thanks Kool for the detailed examples and effort to explain. The screen shots help a great deal.
Another useful tool to be added to the traders plan.
I use this same technique since I started to trade futures years ago. As Kool said it is almost a gimmie trade because of it high probability win rate
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