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The 15 min gimmee trade

Ok, youve seen the 15 min deadly, and the 7 wave trend killer, now its time to meet the 15 min gimme! This is a trade set-up with astounding accuracy(i cant seem to find a time when it didnt work, though im sure some must exist) and its mathematically based and just plain common sense!Many have asked me about my boll bands,since i constantly refer to the boll avg (15 period e.m.a.)that i use. i dont even keep the bands on my 1 min. chart as ive never found them useful, but i do have them on my 15 min chart and heres how i use them! keep in mind that i use a 15 period ema and 2.75 deviations, not 20 period and 2 deviations like most default settings that everyone uses.The theory is simple..whenever we approach a band up or down ill sell one handle above the band or one handle below the band ill buy. I use a 3 point stop, and take profits after 3 points from my entry. Now i realize this is only a 1:1 ratio, but if its accuracy is 95% plus then your going to make some good coin! most moves on this trade are far in excess of 5 handles, but ill leave exit strategy up to the user. I dont get greedy, just 3 points same as my stop.Heres a look at the last few days and some examples....
I use this same technique since I started to trade futures years ago. As Kool said it is almost a gimmie trade because of it high probability win rate