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ES Nights

Are there some nights better to trade the ES than others

Yes, but what time frame, and time(s) are you talking about?
30/15/5/1 min. 7:30pm / 11pm / 2:30am est.
sorry Joe I had something else on my mind. So for the time I posted I am looking @ 7:30 to around 10
then again @ 11:00 to 1am and again @ 2:30 to around 4am. This could be an all night task as I have found out with some nights not so good. I wanted to pick the best nights to do this if it is "best Nights"
Watch the 2 period ROC on a daily change and those are the days the markets gap (lots of overnight Vol) Also I don't know how attached to the ES you are but the Euro Dollar futures (ticker EC) always moves good at those times, although its thinly traded it is a very nice mover. And if you like both vol. and movement open a EUREX account and trade the DJ Euro Stoxx 50 trades jsut like 1 SP emini (ticker ET) or the BIG DAX trades like 3 SP eminis (ax) These move well all night every night
I have not traded night time on purpose in a couple of years. I used to trade the Euro dollar from 7-1:00 after battling in the ES all day. I did this for months until my wife suggested I quite at 4:15 and just trade double in the day I did and I quit the overnight, but I do miss it though.....
I wore myself out with the long hrs. I wasn't getting to do my work out and felt like crap. So I have set a schedule and will just have to miss some.

So many trades so little time. :)

NP red.....