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What really matters?

What really matters?

My sister has had a rough few months, with three kids in diapers, an engineer husband who has had to take a 75% cut in pay to keep his local job during these hard times and is the soul bread winner she has suffered a near nervous breakdown. They decided to take a vacation. They went this afternoon to Gatlinburg TN to spend the week in her in-laws cabin. When they arrived and were unpacking Case Hamilton who this past weekend celebrated his 2nd birthday was left briefly alone in all the excitement of unpacking and touring the beautiful cabin stumbled into the pool and drowned his dad found him face down and not breathing he quickly performed CPR and manged to revive him before the ems arrived. And is currently in the hospital due to his weak lungs they have no idea whats going to happen (chlorine can cause delayed drowning in lungs such as his)but is doing well at the moment. Had they been 60 short seconds later it could have been to late.
Life is a vapor as the good book says. And this has really put things into perspective this evening as I kiss my 2 year old good night I realize that all too often I let my trading be my a little "g" god to THE GOD and my family all to often become 2nd and 3rd. So make sure you tell that someone special that you love them and what they mean to you because tomorrow may be to late, and only regrets remain.
My brother Ronnie lost his wife this week to a long fought battle with an illness.

Yesterday at the service Ronnie said;
"I didn't know how much I love Mary until I took on the role of caregiver"

I salute you Ronnie
that's sad news thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family
What happened to the caring, sharing and compassionate forum we talked about during the holidays? It baffles me that the forum has gone "cold".....Amazing that your post Red has only my comment......strange to me......I'm puzzled and saddened!

So what does really matter to most here?
My sincere condolences for your loss. You sound like a good man...

I don't normally go through the various subjects on this site so I only came by yuor post by accident, but I do wonder how low the hit rate is here...