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ES Apr 21 09

Scalping to 29.25 stop & reverse buying the dip.

target 1026 (& some days)
835.75 entry. target 32
Took a point. bought it. 45 contracts GTC & up days and nights & some pr0n ;)
don't follow that...I just shorted 38.75 to try and get that "air" at 34.75......I'm dangerous with this market delta stuff...
I keep resisting the urge to buy old man dalton's course. It's the self-demonization that when the time comes no one will be there to cash my check and the internets ate it when, or if he passes on, then I should spend 5 times as much for 10 times less and minus the quality to boot from his son.

I'm weird like that.

(too, price action told me that leg wasn't going anywhere down IN SPITE of the double distribution. ha
added at 40.50... Market Delta is messing with my head......I like the program but the bid /ask / delta just isn't as consistent as I thought it might be..perhaps this one will do it
as usual the question I ask myself is what 30 minute bar low will they try and test....and of course WHEN will they try and do it
large numbers at the ask on highs and bids heating't that what a vendor would show us on Market delta at days end......yikes!!

You may be confusing Dalton with Don Jones and his son Eric....or perhaps it is I who is confused with who's selling what......both vendors seem to be reputable and don't try to convey untold riches through trading....I've never taken courses from either of them but am familiar with their writings
I thought about covering to make up for messing around with that bottom and calling it a day, but then remembered I almost forgot that for every bear punch bulls advance 3 degrees. lol

The fuel that feeds the fire indeed

train coming through
I sold 38.75. Out to get a better fill.
someone is getting real interested in that Va High from yesterday all of a sudden..there gonna go get those 37.50 stops and soon I think
you never gave us a fill.....I'm not really concerned SPQR...I assume you think it's going to drop more ( so you can buy into my short runners) and then it's going to end higher.......
Originally posted by SPQR

I sold 38.75. Out to get a better fill.

I'm covering at 832. I don't trust what I'm seeing. In each direction I count we're in a fifth wave working on a c wave to continue the trend lol

That doesn't happen often.

Anyway I'm 2 handles deep and I'm not giving away more than that.
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