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ES Apr 21 09

Scalping to 29.25 stop & reverse buying the dip.

target 1026 (& some days)
paired and tightened at 37.50...with any luck they'll go get the "air" at 33...that will be a harder hold

SPQR...If we aren't posting ideas or explainations then we may as well just be posting trades in one of the thousands of paltalk rooms or forums out there with paper traders

For me I told ya that they were going to test a previous 30 minute low and go get the 37.50 ( double 15 minute lows were there)you are free to post what you like . I was watching the bid and ask volume..39.50 - 40.75 is really were those sellers I'm watching that area closely

To be honest I can't understand some of the things you are saying......I'm not looking to go down that path with ya again...
I was about to say, watch out for that head-fake breakout. gonna fall like a knife she is.
then don't, dude - start and troll your own thread
I 'see' you've changed from your last time at the said...the thread is yours...
I've been in my charts alone and happy long enough to not be distracted with head games while babbling shat pearls kikiki

Not enough volume or unified direction TO FILL A AIR VOID or WTF ever. We'll chop hard until we break to 813.

I got 5 on it.
I sold the double top @841. We're looking at rough, reversion to the mean trading over the next few days. Wicked price rejection testing from the top 37 of a Venus trine didn't see a moving average at all on the breakdown and climbed the 377 like her name was Coco Channel.

I don't need a $70 a month mind-candy to-feel-inclusive head-gear to fill an inadequecy void to tell me that with the double top short-term we're testing the corner of the leg @824, and with the chop caught-up in every MA you have, it'll be beaten, too.

Hope you got a good fill.
Why did I sell before the exhaustion spike? Because that knife you saw? A quarter of them that couldn't dump their stash will eat a bullet tonite.

Holdn' steady.
I'm covering at 832. I don't trust what I'm seeing. In each direction I count we're in a fifth wave working on a c wave to continue the trend lol

That doesn't happen often.

Anyway I'm 2 handles deep and I'm not giving away more than that.