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Psychology and Discipline of Trading

Here's a copy of a manual on the psych and discipline of trading ... straightforward and useful for folks new to trading as well as "old timers." It's in MSWord doc format. Also, I think Bruce listed a book or two (forgot the title even though I probably have it in my library). This one, I think, is written with stock day trading in mind, but all of the same principles and dynamics apply I think.

Just trying to add some value here, ha!

Click link to access uploaded file:

I think it is very important to free your mind before work from anything that can disturb you
Zen Koan for Friday 2-11-2011
Originally posted by yhikota

I think it is very important to free your mind before work from anything that can disturb you
Keep your mind free from distraction as much as possible
and keep your dream alive .. people who don't want to
do something themselves may tell you; you can't ..
sorry didn't take
This is such a great topic and I think looking into our emotional state is a must when we want to trade.
I wanted to share this FREE guide I got too. It was very helpful to me
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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum, my name is Debby Tompkins and I am a Crypto Trader by profession. I am here to learn new ideas about trading and after signing up on this forum I saw many new things that I was not aware of. I am pretty sure I would learn a lot here.

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