Psychology and Discipline of Trading

Here's a copy of a manual on the psych and discipline of trading ... straightforward and useful for folks new to trading as well as "old timers." It's in MSWord doc format. Also, I think Bruce listed a book or two (forgot the title even though I probably have it in my library). This one, I think, is written with stock day trading in mind, but all of the same principles and dynamics apply I think.

Just trying to add some value here, ha!

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The success that a trader achieves in the markets is directly correlated to one’s trading discipline or lack thereof. Trading discipline is 90 percent of the game.
The formula is very simple: Trader with discipline and you will succeed; trade without discipline and you will fail.

There are three spokes that make up, what I call the Wheel of Success as it relates to trading. The first spoke is content. Content consists of all the external
and internal market information that traders utilize to make their trading decisions. All traders must purchase value-added content that provides utility in
asking their trading decisions.

The most important type of content is internal market information (IMI). IMI simply is time and price information as disseminated by the exchanges. After all,
we all make our trading decisions in the present tense based on time and price. In order to scalp the markets effectively, we must have the most live and
up-to-date time and price information seamlessly delivered to our PCs through a reliable execution platform and/or charting package.

Without instantaneous time and price information, we would be trading in the dark. The second spoke is mechanics. Mechanics is how you access the
markets and the methodology that you employ to enter/exit your trades. You must master mechanics before you can enjoy any success as a trader. A simple
keystroke error can result in a loss of thousands of dollars.
A trader can ruin his entire day with an inadvertent trade entry error. Once you have mastered order execution, though, it is like riding a bike. The process of entering and exiting trades becomes seamless and mindless. Fast and efficient trade execution,
especially if you are trading with a scalping methodology, will enable you to hit a bid or take an offer before your competitors do. Remember, the fastest

The third and most important spoke in the Wheel of Success is discipline. You must attain discipline if you ever hope to achieve any level of trading success.
Trading discipline is practiced 100 percent of the time, every trade, every day.

the formula is not simple, but effective. Saved me a lot of bad investments and helped me achieved the results that i ve wanted and needed.

hope it was helpful
I believe in order to avoid mistakes that are not minimal, it develops discipline.
discipline and psychology is important not only in trading but also in every aspect of your life, but if we talk about trading, this can greatly affect the quality of your work and, as a result, make a profit
Discipline is something that can started from demo trading days by forming good habits right from day 1. Too many treat demo as a place to try outlandish things in the markets and while this can be done it is better in my experience to participate in directed practice which simulates real world scenarios. This better prepares you for live trading.
You've got to have discipline in any industry but none more so than trading.
Proper money management
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