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TOS, EtradePro or Trade Station?

I was going to switch to a broker were I can trade options, stocks, forex, and futures all from the same platform and get quotes for those. I am paying over $500 a month for esignal because I upgraded to all futures and stocks, and figure I have paid 28grand in data over the years. Esignal drives me crazy with there overlay layout.

I have used trade station in the past. I didn't like there DOM, there is no flatten, no reverse, and thats 2 big strikes. And also there OCO, and OSO is a bit complicated for me.

redsixspeed, you use tos right? How would you rate it? I like there simple layout. Since all I need is a 1min chart a 30min RSI and a dom and I believe I can trade anything with it.

And EtradePro seems good its got that platform that Bestdirect has.

Right now I think I am going to switch to etrade for the eminis (There going to give me $2 R.T. trades with the volume I do) with Think or swim for options and stocks. That way I'll have 2 data feeds incase one goes down.
Joe; I haven't had any other platform. TOS is where I have always been. So I guess
I couldn't rate it since I don't have anything to compare it to, but what I read from
others in our chat some say they are leaving their broker to come here others say they
experience lagging, as far as lag, TOS has so many tools a trader can load some may be
loading everything. I only load what I need...also in the next few days TOS is adding
the reverse & flatten you mentioned. One more thing, a trader in this forum several
months ago bashed TOS and left for another broker. I saw him back in our chat several
days ago.....All of this is free for TOS account holders; HOWEVER TD Ameritrade is in the
process of taking over so before you make a decision you would need to find out how
the TD take over will affect new customers. Current customers are not affected by the
take over..I think the take over is to be completed in June...hope this helps

Well I already switched for TOS for my options, and I am going to start swing trading (several day holds) select sectors xlf, gld, xle...ect ect. And lag on those are not going to hurt me as I usually hold options for hours, so I don't think 2/10ths of a second is going to make much of a difference to me. I remember when a 10 sec market order on an option was acceptable, and that was only 5-6 years ago. LOL I was reading a stock and commodities from 2002 and it was advertising emini's and they were advertising a guaranteed 5 second fill with confirmation. I wonder what the future holds for execution???
Tradestation has all kinds of tools to play with mental gymnastics and charting capabilities along with indicators and systems (canned and your own) capabilities available to explore to your heart's content. BUT, trading futures on it and observing the "matrix" in real time over time shows "lock-ups" and lagging quotes way too much ... especially when it matters, when markets are ripping. That's been my experience. Use TS for all it has to offer otherwise. Great package for that. As far as an execution platform with all of the different kinds of orders you may wish to put out on multiple tradables, and for solid real time quotes and executions, I wouldn't recommend TS. Hopefully they'll improve TS soon in that regard. Just my cent and a half.
And those are the reasons I left TS, bad DOM problems.
Also the way they quoted the futures P/L on the DOM it was cum. P/L and was so annoying It always took a few seconds to realize where the order was executed. Etrade has the BEST DOM/software/discount broker I have seen for futures.
Joe; You may already know this but just as a heads up; on TOS when you
have issue with the TOS chart you can switch to Prophet
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