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Is this Real? $3,690,822.08 in a month?

I'm new to futures trading and know very little..I tried virtual trading with a broker and got really surprised with the result, although it was just a wild guess..can anyone explain me how real this trade was. From $5000 to $3,690,822.08 I bought something in February and forgot about it and when i checked it in march you can see the rest in a picture file i attached..please comment..thank you all in advance.

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optionsXpress virtual trading

yeah that looks a little fishy. it looks like you bought a mini dow contract (march) and it was automatically sold when the contract expired. there no way in the world that could have happened unless you bought 10,000 contracts, which of course it clearly indicates you did not.

that's some funny math going on.

That does appear to be erroneous. Based on the prices on those days, you would have made anywhere from nothing to a few hundred points, which equates to maybe $1,000 profit max. The funny part is the near 1,000 point drawdown in the meantime, as the entry and exit points form a near perfect 'V' around the low (you would have been margin called/closed out well before the low with that $5,000 initial deposit amount, so that part of the program doesn't appear to have been working, either).
Looks like their data is flawed with bad ticks.
there is no way you could ever make that much money off of one trade.
to help you understand a little bit think of it like this:
1 point in the Dow Jones = $5
so the dow would have to move close to 737165 points in your favor to make the amount of money you are talking about (considering you are trading 1 lots of course)
Wow, this reminds me of a recent posting with someone asking about Kim Chow and a trading course etc. ... the results paled in comparison to the initial post on this thread. From a Google search, found this verbiage on his promo site:

"But, the $Million Breakthrough has never had a losing streak—ever. If you never have more than two small losses in a row, you can afford to trade as many contracts as margins permit… and maybe, with a little luck, turn $5,000 into $2.8 MILLION!" Find it here:

Don't know if it's the same guy or not ... but welcome to vendor HELL! Taking $5,000 to $3.6 mil in a month, or a year or, ad nauseum. REALITY CHECK ... they'd have the U.S. anual GDP taken over and be running the country and, subsequently (with a couple more trading months) the whole f'ing world. Hope he'll be a benevolent dictator/king/grand-poobah of the globe.

In a word ... it's total BULL****. That's about as bold as it gets. Don't pay a dime for anything they're pushing/selling. Actually, as a fun thang ... call 'em up and ask for actual documented results with trading comfirms. Hell, I might do it just for the entertainment value.

What's the contact info/name and web site for this huckster. PLEASE POST IT AND I'LL CONTACT 'EM AND VET 'EM AND REPORT BACK WITH TOTAL HONESTY.

Am waiting for the info with baited breath!!!!

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